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As professionals in the manufacturing industry and roofing services, we have oriented ourselves to serve both private and public sectors including individual homeowners, property developers, churches, retailers and building merchants and consultants in the roofing industry.


With over 15+ years of our combined roofing experience in all facets of the industry, we do manufacture to serve individual homeowners, private and public sector, property developers, churches, retailers and building merchants, consultants in the roofing industry and all industrial verticals.

Quality Control & Evaluation

Our qualified roof evaluators will perform a through visual evaluation of the roof(s) and obtain photographic documentation of existing conditions to generate report estimated budgets for all of the recommended roof repairs.

Recruitment & Training

Recruitment and Training on and off roofing projects ensures quality design and installation. AWA Roofing offers a variety of hands-on training programs to educate roofing contractors with all aspects of a successful AWA roofing installations. Our training program is tailor-made in order to provide detailed information on AWA Roofing technology Systems including Installation, Material and Design selection, Attachment method, Maintenance, etc. along with ample hands-on practice.

Design & Specification Development

We generate and distribute comprehensive Designs and project specifications for each project following industry standards; supporting with detailed drawings in both isometric and 3D modeling for better understanding of the installation requirements and specifications.

Project Management & Administration

We provide complete project management to track and coordination your roofing installation to ensure that it is installed in accordance with the contract design and specifications.


With our 2 decades of combined roofing experience in all facets of the industry. we have undertaken several consultancy services in providing a turn-key solution from the phase of a complete business plan including financials to establishing a complete production house of all standards and capacity. With little or no idea in the industry, we are there to hook you up with the supply chain.